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Author and entrepreneur Bob Jacobs and his partners Gerald McRath and Patrick Bailey are training elite athletes for a new game: business networking.

Jacobs and the two former NFL players teach networking based on Jacob’ book about the importance of networking in the business world, “Rack ‘Em Up and Win.”

The training begins with a presentation that aims to introduce professional athletes to the idea of leveraging their status as a professional athlete to create a network of contacts to help in the transition into a second career.

They help athletes:

  • set quarterly goals for establishing contacts
  • develop skills to build business relationships and maintain connections
  • Provide quarterly coaching to make sure athletes are hitting their quarterly goals
  • Provide mentorships with athletes wanting to transition into the business world

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Professional athletes have it made, right?

Multi-million dollar contracts, fame and the thrill of making it to the big time. They must all be set for life, right?

Well, not everyone.

Many professional athletes are lucky and have long, prosperous careers that carry them through life. But many others, perhaps many more others, are not as lucky. The linemen whose name is not all over headlines. The second-string guard on a talented NBA team who doesn’t get much playing time or public exposure. The pinch-hitter for a major league baseball team that hasn’t been winning much during his career.  Or even the top player who suffers a career-ending injury early in his career. These players often cannot live their entire lives on the money they make in professional sports. In addition, they are young goal-driven individuals who have the time and energy for a second career.

These are the athletes author Bob Jacobs and former NFL players Gerald McRath and Patrick Bailey are helping with their networking training. The idea is simple = use your leverage as a professional athlete while you have it to create a network of contacts that can help you transition into a second career after you retire from sports. The concept is based on Bob’s book about the importance of networking in the business world, “Rack ‘Em Up and Win.”

The program begins with an introduction presentation and continues with goal setting, coaching and quarterly meetings to help athletes begin to treat their careers as any other business person would, constantly networking, building relationships and making connections.

Most professional athletes have spent a lifetime focused on one goal: playing on a pro team. That constant training, physical development and study of the game leaves little time for anything else. But what many elite athletes might not realize is that networking while they are still playing is easy. People are naturally attracted to pro athletes. They want to get to know them, they want to build relationships with them – potentially business relationships – and they want to share a little of the glory.

Networking is all about who you know. So being a professional athlete has its advantages in that respect. People want to know them. They just need to put themselves in the position to be known and taken seriously.

Bob Jacobs is a serial entrepreneur who has spent his career networking in the business world. He published his networking book in 2016. He teamed up with Gerald McRath and Patrick Bailey in Nashville as both former NFL players were working to build second careers. Together they have a story to tell and experience to share with young athletes and players.

“I practiced football every day and still made mistakes,” said Patrick Baily, former Titan and Steelers linebacker. “Networking is the same. But the more you do it, the better you will be.”

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Letter of Recomendation from Tennesse Titans

"The lessons Bob speaks on will help young athletes create and use their platform to network in a life changing way." - Rickey Hague, former Washington National and Rice University Player. 

"Symbiosis Company works hand in hand with our business development team to connect us with the decision-makers at targeted companies. They immediately showed their value and we look forward to an ongoing prosperous relationship." - Lauren Reed, Reed Public Relations

"Crosslin & Associates has been extremely pleased with our partnership with the Symbiosis Company. Our accounting and consulting firm has experienced great results in our first few months working together, with Symbiosis setting up desired appointments and the firm being able to garner new business from these meetings. It has been an extremely beneficial relationship and we look forward to future opportunities created by Symbiosis." -John Crosslin, Principal

"As a recent transplant from Philadelphia to Nashville, I was amazed on how helpful people have been. In particular, after meeting Bob and explaining the challenges my growing Healthcare focused Valet Business was experiencing, he introduced me to a number of individuals that were quickly able to help me with solutions. I know I didn't grow up here, but with a guy like Bob on my team - I feel like I'm part of a network of very impressive business leaders." - Greg Park, HealthPark Valet

"When Bob approached me with the idea of speaking to my staff and players, I immdediatly agreed. Many times in life and in the business world, it's all about reationships. He explained how to go about building the right relationships, with the right people, at the right time. His message is invaluable across all stages of life" - Dana Ford,  Basketball Coach at Tennessee State University